Here We Grow Expansion Bundle

Get ALL of these for only $377

  1. Expanding in Devoted Love & Leadership Mini Course $333
  2. Reclaim Your Sovereignty, Practice Series $55

  3. Embodied Alchemy Pleasure Practice Bundle $33 

Expanding in Devoted Love & Leadership Mini-Course $333

A 6 part social leadership mini-course and activation to deepen and expand your devoted love, conscious leadership, and awakened wealth.


Lesson 1. Creating a Nurturing Environment & Clearing Density

Lesson 2. Divine Masculine & Transforming Intersectional Oppression

Lesson 3. Divine Feminine & Abolition

Lesson 4. The Power of your Conscious Creation

Lesson 5. Remembering Who the Fuck You Are

BONUS: Ancestral Healing & De-Colonial Evolution Masterclass featuring Mayumi

Somatic Practices

1. Rooting in Reclaimed Safety & Power

2. Opening to the Pleasure of Conscious Wealth

Reclaim Your Sovereignty, Practice Series- $55

A 4 part mini series on ancestral/intergenerational healing, ancient wisdom, and somatic expansion from the nervous system to the quantum realm.

These practices will guide you through a journey of reclaiming your safety, power, & sovereignty in your body & empowered be-ing through a blend of breathwork, yoga, & embodiment. 

4 part mini-course

Session 1: Rooting in your Safety & Power

Session 2: Releasing the Past & Transmuting Pain & Fear

Session 3: Opening to Receiving and dropping into the Divine Feminine

Session 4: Rising in Elevation & Expansion of your Highest Self

Embodied Alchemy Pleasure Practice Bundle  $33

3 powerful spiritual embodiment practices to guide & support your embodied alchemy of transmuting heavy or dense energy into spaciousness and pleasure as you drop deeper into the depths of your wild divine feminine power

3 practices:

Pussy Intimacy & Gentle Somatic Pleasure Practice, 

Full Body Deep Compassion, Gratitude, & Intimacy practice

Grounding Embodied Pleasure Practice