Thriving Queens Mastermind


This is where you decide you get to claim your power, your worth, your magic, your deepest love, & your juiciest wealth. Welcome to 6 months of expansive healing and radical reclamation in a somatic-based, trauma-informed container of massive evolution.


You’re ready to go all the fuck in on yourself, your soul work, your heart work, your next level of leadership or soulful entrepreneurship.

You're ready to learn how to become a master alchemizer of your emotions (ie transform pain into pleasure) & regulate like a bad ass.

You're ready to be HELD & deeply supported more intimately than ever before through the ups & downs of creating the highest vision of your life or biz while honoring your body & soul.

You're ready to completely transform and upgrade your receiving paradigm from the nervous system to your outer reality, with feminine easy & flow

You're ready for more ease, pleasure, & play while your love, life, artistry, or biz is overflowing in abundance with clarity & alignment


Thriving Queens is a 6 month commitment to you expanding your receiving capacity in love, creativity, & wealth as a healer, space-holder, soulpreneur, artist, or leader in a way that feels energetically aligned, spiritually embodied, pleasurable, & fulfilling while owning your divine feminine power in sacred sisterhood. 


You're ready to become more intimate with your body, your soul work, & your money in a way that's incredibly empowering

You're ready to take a stand for the womxn you know you came here to be. 

BIG commitment to your next level energy.

BIG expansion energy.

BIG clarity energy.

BIG divine feminine, allowing yourself to open & surrender energy.

BIG divine masculine, building a safe container to hold your full, wild, expression energy.

BIG being ON fucking soul purpose energy.

BIG healing old patterns, wounds, encoding & energy.

BIG I’m on a heart-centered soul mission to share my magic & medicine energy.

BIG embracing my multidimensional mutli-talented energy.

BIG dripping wet in my own divinity & wealth energy.

BIG I'm ready to receive more than I ever thought possible energy.

Hear the power of this work for yourself 🌹


Thriving Queens Mastermind is an expansive transformational space that awakens you into your most liberated self to further the reach & impact you create through your soul work & unique magic and expand your receiving capacity in love, money, & creative fulfillment... with ease & pleasure.


We begin March 27, 2023.


DM Jasmine to Apply

What Queens are experiencing through this work..

When your soul feels the calling into your next expansion, you listen & honor what you are being called into..


This is a reclamation of your power, worth, liberation, sovereignty, magic, & pleasure as a wild wealthy womxn making big impact and massive waves.

Meaning more time to do what you love and relax in freedom, ease, and joy.


This is deep healing of your lineage and intergenerational trauma and wounds. Meaning the authenticity, trust, and intimacy of your relationships uplevel all around.

This is you feeling your sexiest, hottest, most bad ass turned on self as you receive love, money, support, in aligned energetic flow. Meaning you flow & surrender to life rather than resisting it or blocking it from giving to you.

This is you living in your soul purpose and actualizing your highest vision as a woman, creator, entrepreneur, leader.

Thriving Queens mastermind is a sacred space of deep healing, epic transformation, and radical reclamation to awaken & embody your liberated inner Queen who says yes to your bigness, yes your boldness, your courage, your power, your medicine, your embodied wealth, your deepest love, your most impactful soul work.

What I continue to see as THE game changer for ambitious womxn to transform the hell out of their lives in how they receive, love, & lead is COMMUNITY & ACCOUNTABILITY in EMBODYING your full potential as a wild, wealthy, womxn. .

Most programs & offerings aren't going deep enough. Mindset work, spiritual practices, discipline, & drive simply won't do it alone (at least sustainably or healthily) without getting to the root of trauma encodings & wounding from a body-centered somatically integrated approach.

This is what I teach and guide you through so your expansion works from the inside out.


This is for you if:


You're a powerful leader, space-holder, creative, entrepreneur, or coach, and know that intimate high touch, deep support would take you to the next level.

You're making 5-10k months in your biz or career and desire to receive, hold, & circulate more money with alignment, fun, & turn on.

You're ready to face the discomfort to allow your most profound transformation yet while dropping deep into your feminine flow

You're ready to honor your soul's little (or big) nudge or push into your YES to fully choosing ALL of you.

You're ready to heal deeper layers of avoidance, fear, or shame around money, enough-ness, & love and learn how to trust money & love to fully support your life, biz, & spiritual journey.

You desire to be confident, secure, & authentic, as you receive higher flows of money & aligned clients in deep service.

You're multi-dimensional and desire to be in space that welcomes and holds ALL of you.

You desire for your gifts, magic, & medicine to clearly & potently shine through your work.

This is for the woman devoted to growth, ready for her reclamation, and willing to invest the energy that’s required to completely expand her mind, reclaim her body's full capacity, & activate herself into a thriving space of sustainable overflow

You're ready to decolonize your relationship with mind, money, & body and claim your energetic & body sovereignty

You've been yearning to fully trust in yourself, your intuition, your power, your magic, & your ability to receive

You want personalized coaching, somatic-based healing, spiritual guidance, & energetic support knowing that bigger commitment gives higher results.

You want a conscious community & space of sacred sisterhood that nourishes & empowers your connection to heart, soul, & spiritual wisdom as you grow your wealth. 

You're ready to liberate your sexual self into more intimacy, pleasure, vulnerability, & turn on.

You desire to have a space for consistent reflection & feedback on your growth edges and you value sacred exchange.

You want to step into your Feminine Reclamation to claim your greatest depth of love, power, magic, liberation, radiance and ancient remembrance.

You're a heart-centered, soul-led healer, artist, mentor, or visionary who deeply cares about creating a better, more loving and just world for yourself, your community, and the collective.

You are either new or practiced in advanced energy work and desire to take it to the next level.


This is a portal into your next level of depth in self love, trust, surrender, empowered leadership, and intuitive wisdom.


When you're tapped into your well of groundedness, inner security, financial freedom, magic, & intuitive wisdom, the inconceivable (limited) mind is overtaken in the realm of co-creation with spirit & source... AND trauma healing & nervous system expansion are key to grounding into your personal or biz expansion of thriving love, embodied wealth & conscious leadership.

This is a 6 month commitment to your sacred self in who you BE and how you wish to show up in the world.  


You will be a part of a dope af tribe of women who are uplevelling how they show up in life, love, soul work, money & creativity. You are here because you are devoted to your expansion of self & are ready to be held accountable, own your power, and liberate yourself from the burdens, patterns, & stories that no longer serve you. 

This space activates you through following inspired aligned action that comes from being held in your power & purpose so you can experience the love, money, artistry, and business you've been desiring to create for yourself.

You want to work with someone who knows how hard, alone, and painful it can be to work through your darkest shadows & overcome your deepest fears and who can lovingly guide you to reclaim and remember your power, magic, brilliance, and worth.

This is for you if you're ready to commit to an in depth trauma-informed mastermind space of powerful women where you will rise beyond your limitations into an expanded receiving paradigm in love, money, and leadership. 

You want to create a life & reality that truly feels satisfying in your mind & body & spirit and free yourself from the social constructs and conditioning filled with "shoulds" or  "have to's".

You’re ready to release fears, shame, doubts, & insecurities that have kept you in patterns of becoming small, dissociative, or disembodied.

This is what living in patriarchy, colonialism, & toxic consumerism does to your mind, body, & spirit.

We're here to dismantle that shit and I'm here to help.  

You’re ready for the wildness & softness of your inner feminine to surrender fully to the safety & comfort of your inner masculine.

You want to be intimately connected with other Queens who give you powerful reflections of your own love, value, and divinity.

You have a huge heart and are deeply caring for creating change in this world through your soul mission.

You've read the books, gotten the certifications, done the trainings, been in other containers,  implemented the strategy & mindset into your lifestyle or biz, and invested in your spiritual evolution and know truly sustainable leadership & wealth expansion goes way deeper... ancestral, nervous system, somatically deep.. and you know this extra level of intimate high touch somatic, nervous system, & spiritual support is a gateway portal into getting out of your own way & rising in your orgasmic abundance as an embodied, conscious leader.


My masterminds are historically spaces where women deeply celebrate each other in owning all of you who you are.


In Thriving Queens you will rise into your freest, healthiest, sexiest empowered womxn making big impact in the world through your soul work while dripping in pleasure & wealth.


I invite you into the activation of reclaiming your power in all the ways that may have been too terrifying before now. 

If this is your next edgy, aligned step, you get to trust it.

DM to apply

What you receive:

6 expansive AF months in sacred sisterhood in deeply supportive energetic container of expansion with :

1 monthly 90 minute community/coaching calls this will include content, embodiment, & private coaching in a group setting (Q & A created to build your nervous system, embodiment & development skills of radical reclamation & deep transformative healing in love, life, money, creative flow, and higher leadership.)

1 monthly somatic liberation/nervous system expansion session

1 monthly spiritual integration/soul medicine session

2 bonus 1:1 coaching calls 

~1 opening private 1:1 call & 1 integration private 1:1 call to support your body & system in easing into your powerful reclamation & expansion

FB sisterhood community group for celebrations, uplifting, energetic support or guidance. Here you'll receive consistent support from me & other Queens on living on purpose & leading their soul mission as conscious leaders or spiritual entrepreneurs

Voxer coaching support channel-to show up with questions or space-holding via voice notes


All of this includes 3 calls per month & 2 community support spaces held & guided by me to hold & regulate you & your system through grounded expansion in love, money, creativity, & leadership while dropping deeper into clarity, purpose, ease, & pleasure in your soul's magic 


What you will be taught~ 

How to master your own energy, nervous system, & somatic container to open & expand with play, pleasure & ease.

How to heal & uplevel your relationship with money, family, partners, & loved ones (hello ancestral & generational trauma clearing!!)

How to embrace your softness and your fierceness as you rise into your next level of embodied leadership

How to heal the root of your insecurities so they are no longer sabotaging your success or growth

How to dissolve deeper blockages from your system so you are a clearer channel

Constant rewiring & reprogramming of your mind in the most powerfully supportive ways 

Somatic & Embodiment Tools to release limited conditioning 

Authentic & Conscious Relating Practices

Yogic & Mindfulness Teachings & Activations 

Emotional Intelligence Skill Building & Trauma Healing

Nervous System Recalibrating to a thriving, regulated, expansive energetic space, body, & life 


spontaneous bonus yogic, breathwork, & embodiment practices dropped into the container

 Entire content library & Mindfulness & Guided Embodiment Practices. 1,111 value for Free

Additional pleasure, somatic, nervous system, & spiritual resources to supplement your highest growth & expansion


Connect with Jasmine to apply

Meet your Guide into Awakening, Embodiment, & Reclaiming~

Hi dear love!

I'm Jasmine, it's an honor to have you here, feeling the call into this sacred space. A bit more about me:

I dedicate myself to co-creating heart-centered spaces to empower creatives, healers, leaders, and visionaries, to deepen and expand consciousness and embody your full power, magic, and liberation with more pleasure & ease. I earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from USC and a Masters in Art & Public Policy from NYU before being called into deep medicine work as a coach & mentor and diving into the depths of sacred space holding and radical reclamation which guided me to receive trainings in master coaching, social justice trauma-informed yoga, and integrative somatic trauma therapy by some of best teachers in the world. 

I'm a Spiritual Embodiment, Wealth, & Leadership Coach, Trauma-Informed Social Justice Yoga Teacher (RYT), and Multi-Disciplinary Artist with specialities in shamanic healing, energetic mastery, emotional freedom, subconscious reprogramming, nervous system recalibration, somatic healing, sexuality & pleasure liberation, ancestral & intergenerational healing, expansive personal & professional development, plant medicine integration, and embodied leadership for the creator & entrepreneur desiring to own their soul work & artistry with confidence, integrity, and authenticity.

From leading and facilitating programs & trainings within higher institutions and non-profit sectors in the reams of transformative justice, mindfulness & spiritual expansion, and in working with leaders in high level social impact,

I devote myself to supporting women, artists, soulful entrepreneurs, leaders, & change-makers in reclaiming freedom & pleasure in their bodies, being in the most satisfying & fulfilling relationships, creating wealth on soul purpose, and embodying their highest vision with ease and flow in heart-lead service.

My mission is to empower & awaken you through my methodology of Feminine Reclamation in transforming ancestral wounds & internalized systemic oppression into embodied wisdom and activating deep feminine power to claim the health, wealth, liberation, & magic to thrive individually, collectively, and in harmony with mother earth. 

My drive and passion to empower heart-centered, intuitive, humans flows through all my sacred containers and gives my clients the power to reclaim their inner & outer wealth.

Through this portal you will:

  • Activate your next level of be-ing and receiving, elevating you, your life & your community
  • Heal deep ancestral & generational attachment, love, emotional, & money wounds into empowered liberated living  
  • Connect more intimately with your intuition, remembrance, & depth of inner knowing
  • Somatically & mindfully release stored trauma & master your emotions
  • Reprogram lack & not-enoughness to abundance & wealth consciousness
  • Step into consciously & authentically expressing yourself & your creativity with confidence & ease
  • Grow a depth of sacred intimacy in sensuality & sexuality & divine pleasure
  • Lead powerfully for high impact with meaningful purpose 
  • Dismantle internalized systemic oppression as a womxn, person of color, queer, or gender non-confirming human owning your full self

I teach & guide you

to allow, hold, and own: 

  • aligned, healthy, stable, secure interdependent love & relationships 
  • inner & outer wealth
  • your divine gifts, powers, & medicine
  • a career or business that turns you on & lights you up
  • expansion of your magic, divinity & creative power
  • deep fulfillment & purpose in your soul's calling
  • empowered boundaries to allow you to thrive in your health & freedom
  • money & wealth in a way that feels juicy, fulfilling, & deeply supportive to your vision & desired lifestyle 

how to embody:

  • authenticity, resilience, radical self trust
  • your full power in love, money, & leadership   
  • sacred sensuality & sexuality where you get to be turned on by your magic, power, and feminine energy

  •  deep self-trust & confidence

  •  aligned creative & energetic flow

  •  a resilient nervous system with the capacity to expand to higher levels of receiving money, depth, intimacy, & connection with grounded stability

This will deeply serve you if...

  • You have radical self-responsibility and take ownership of how you show up
  • You're ready to heal & transform your relationship with money, love, biz & receiving to embrace your wild wealthy womxn 
  • You want to anchor into your juiciest relationship with your body, pussy, & divine feminine power
  • You are aware of generational, family, or ancestral wounds or patterns that you are ready to break free from & allow to become powerfully embodied wisdom
  • You truly care about BEing the meaningful impact you wish to see in the world
  • You are ready to embrace deeper pleasure & ecstasy in your life, money, & biz

This will really help you if you find yourself feeling like... 

  • You struggle to let go of complete control and think you need to do this outside of sisterhood or sacred spiritual community
  • You only make logic based decisions and find it hard to connect intimately with the wisdom of your body or your intuition
  • You're done settling or feeling stuck with love, life, biz & money when you know you're ready to receive so much more  
  • You've done deeper inner-work & trauma healing but know there's been important misses pieces to unlocking your next level of relating & leadin
  • You are ready & willing to let go of what doesn't serve you, surrender to the divine, & allow yourself to be epically supported

Join the magic..


From previous rounds of Thriving Queens Mastermind..

If you're ready to step into your Feminine Reclamation to radically transform your life, live in empowered wealth (that stays & grows), & own your power, pleasure, liberation in love & embodied leadership, choose one of the options below and secure your space.

Now is the time to join in sacred sisterhood with badass turned on woman rising in leadership & wealth from a heart-centered space of spiritual purpose for big impact.

Thriving Queens Mastermind has a variety of payment options to meet your place of social & economic privilege while honoring the immense value of the container & support. Choose the option below that feels aligned with your edgy, yet expansive investment.

DM Jasmine to apply and take your next expansive step into empowered embodiment 👑